For those who have ever wondered about raid leading...

In World of Warcraft, that is.

You might like to read my latest article on World of Matticus. It's my thoughts on the 10 golden rules to running a raid, and is aimed at anyone at all who raids - experienced raid leaders looking to spice up their raid, new raid leaders looking for basic principles and raiders who wonder what other raids might be out there.

Tis just the first five rules posted up at the moment - the others will go up soon, likely the beginning of next week. I know there are a few WoW players among you so have a gander and pitch in your two hapeth, and pass it along to friends.

I don't belieeeeve it! Monday links

Post of some brevity simply to share a few links I stumbled across this morning. If the week's looking long from the POV of Monday then the scuba cat should divert your attention (how many of you think that April Fool's day has come early on this one?):

If you have suspicions about the intelligence of your cat then there is proof that they're not all they seem:

And last but not least, the fine tune that's been in my head since last night:

Debut article seems to have gone down well!

A quick *yay* to say that my debut article was published on Monday and has received 42 comments - seems to have inspired quite a debate. It's about WoW and, should you fancy a read, can be found at World of Matticus.

Also - hi poisonduk and likeneontubing - good to see you both!

In other news I'm thinking of applying to attend the Red Cross/Crescent General Assembly in Nairobi in the capacity of a Youth Delegate. Deadline is soon so I'd best get my application-writing boots on.

Hmm, boots that write applications for you... what a good idea...

Geographically Challenged vs. Edinburgh

A month ago I decided that I would take up Tai Chi and was reliably informed that a good class ran at Edinburgh University. I have been eagerly looking forward to it since - it's something entirely new and may prove to be a challenge. A small amount of research unearthed when the class was to begin a new term. That happens to be today: the class is, in fact, going on as I type. The class started at 7 and it's now 8.15. So why aren't I there doing the slow motion stretchy thing?

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